106 “Entrée” Rewatch: Your Feels Will Not Hold Up In Court, Sir

106 Entrée collage SC

Our Hannibal rewatch continues with Season 1 episode 6, “Entrée.” This Jack-centric episode fills us in on the story of Jack’s broken pony and his persistent hunt for the Chesapeake Ripper. We break down the themes of obsession and connection running through the episode and analyze the parallels between Jack’s minor breakdown over Bella’s illness and the Ripper case and Will’s continued mental decline. This episode introduces us to yet more new characters: the delightfully evil Dr. Abel Gideon, the unfortunately green Miriam Lass, and everyone’s favorite character, Dr. Frederick Chilton. Rachael finds Empath!Will attractive, Amberlee suggests Jack is Captain Ahab, and we wonder who is worse: Freddie Lounds or Frederick Chilton?

This episode contains full series spoilers.

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