510 “Darkroom”: The Red Wedding

501 collage

Season 5 episode 10 of The Americans, “Darkroom,” delves into themes of happiness and home before dropping the biggest bombshell to date: Philip and Elizabeth get real married!! You Guys! Married! It was the sweetest, cutest, most perfect thing ever and we can’t even. Other topics include but are not limited to: Renee Watch ’84, the wedding, Pasha not being a real character, the wedding, Sofia’s surprisingly naive behavior, the wedding, Pastor Tim’s function in the narrative, Paige’s journey, and that spectacular ending sequence.

Stay tuned after the podcast for a discussion of American Gods, Better Call SaulThe Leftovers, and much more!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Slate’s TV Club Insider Podcast for “Darkroom”

Uproxx: “‘The Americans’ Anxiety Report: Oh, Pastor Tim, You Messed Up Bad”

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