512 “The World Council of Churches”: That’s…Interesting

512 collage

Season 5 episode 12 of The Americans, “The World Council of Churches,” begins to pick up the pace as this season’s disparate storylines come to a head. We discuss themes of identity and naming, the significance of Elizabeth and Claudia’s conversation, and Pastor Tim’s really good advice. Paige makes a powerful decision about her life while Tuan makes a terrible decision about Pasha’s. Oleg has a meaningful conversation with Igor, Mischa (Mischa!!) meets his family, and we speculate about what’s to come in next week’s season finale.

Stay tuned after the sign off for our TV Talk segment including a discussion of The Leftovers, Better Call Saul, American Gods, and much more.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Slate’s TV Club Insider Podcast for “The World Council of Churches”

KCRW: “‘American Gods’ showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green”

Vanity Fair: “American Gods Author Neil Gaiman on Laura’s Big Episode, George R. R. Martin, and His Plans for Season 2″

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