Bonus Episode – American Gods 107: Too Good for this World, Too Pure

Mad Sweeney single tear

Season 1 episode 7 of American Gods, “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney,” returns the focus of the show to stories and storytelling. We discuss the importance of telling stories, the narrative structure of the episode, and the parallels between Essie and Laura. Other topics include: Mad Sweeney’s role in Laura’s demise, Ibis and Jacquel’s satisfying domestic life, whimsy, and beautiful Salim too good for this world, too pure.

We also talk briefly about The Handmaid’s Tale, but tune in next week for a proper discussion after the season finale!
Links mentioned in this episode:

Wikipedia: “Buile Shuibhne”

Wikipedia: “A Prayer for Owen Meany”

Youtube: “American Gods: Writing an Inactive Hero”

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