Bonus Episode – American Gods 108: Have an Ice Day

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The Season 1 finale of American Gods, “Come to Jesus,” is all about female power and we are here for it! It was also about Shadow’s journey towards belief, which we feel was less successful. We discuss the introduction of Easter, the juxtaposition of Easter and Bilquis, and the significance of compacts and favors. What are the New Gods up to? Why didn’t Bilquis tell her own story? Where was the musical number we all wanted?!

The Season 3 finale of Better Call Saul, “Lantern,” also aired this week and boy was it dark as heck. We discuss Jimmy’s relationships, the importance of family, Nacho’s storyline, and Rachael’s love for Howard.

Also discussed: The Handmaid’s Tale and the genius of Elizabeth Moss and the brand new trailer for Game of Thrones!


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