Bonus Episode – Leftover Gods: I Use Antlers in All of My Decorating

final shot

Season 1 episode 6 of American Gods, “A Murder of Gods,” gave us the road trip trio we always wanted! We discuss our general ambivalence, the show’s use of minority characters, and the hubbub around the depiction of Vulcan and The Vulcanites.

“The Book of Nora” was a spectacular ending for The Leftovers. We break down the importance of the final scene, Kevin’s decade of searching, and the choice to end the series with a Nora episode. Matt Libs! Laurie’s not dead! Kevin Garvey Sr is still kicking! It was a fantastic episode and we can’t find a single thing we didn’t like.


Links mentioned in this episode:

IGN: “Damon Lindelof Discusses The Leftovers Ending, Nora’s Journey and a Character’s Fate Changing”

Vulture: “The End Is Here: The hardest part of making The Leftovers was figuring out how to finish it. An exclusive look at the making of the last episode.”

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