AHS 408 & 409 – “Blood Bath” & “Tupperware Party Massacre” – I’m Doing Christmas All Wrong

  On this super sized episode of the podcast Amberlee and special guest host Beth talk about both”Blood Bath” and “Tupperware Party Massacre.” We discuss the finer points of bathing in blood, and praise the general awesomeness that is Dandy “The Law” Mott. Beth explains why Maggie falls flat, Amberlee doesn’t want to watch Jimmy’s transformation […]

AHS 405 & 406 – “Pink Cupcakes” & “Bullseye” – The Tittler Sisters

  We’re back from vacation to talk about both “Pink Cupcakes” and “Bullseye.” Murder! Intrigue! Awkward double dates! This is the American Horror Story we love. As usual we rattle on at length about the perfection that is Dandy and Gloria Mott. Dandy tries his hand at being the next Patrick Bateman, Gloria casually remarks […]