503 “The Midges”: Super Secret Spy Stuff

  Season 5 episode 3 of The Americans, “The Midges,” continues to explore loyalty and relationships within immigrant and refugee narratives. We discuss the moral ambiguity of Randy’s death, Mischa’s not-so-excellent adventure, and the surprise reappearance of everyone’s favorite seduced-and-married secretary. Paige is not cut out for the spy life, Staderholt need to work on their […]

502 “Pests”: CIA Gonna CIA

  Teenage angst and grown-up paranoia are just a couple of themes in Season 5 episode 2 of The Americans, “Pests.” We discuss Paige’s behavior and continued training, Tuan’s worldview, and our newfound anxiety for Pasha’s future. Would the Americans really contaminate grain supplies? Are they that evil? Would Alexei be okay with harming an innocent […]

Bonus Episode – Game of Thrones “The Winds of Winter”: It’s Not You, It’s Global Politics. (And Also You’re Really Boring)

  Another bonus episode for you this week as we reflect on the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones, “The Winds of Winter.” Spoiler alert: we loved it! We breakdown that fantastic opening scene and Cersei’s power grab before travelling to Winterfell to pledge our allegiance to The King in the North. Other topics […]