508 “The Ten Commandments Killer”: Comedy of Errors


  Season 5 episode 8 of American Horror Story: Hotel, “The Ten Commandments Killer,” revealed the show’s worst kept secret. We talk about our lack of surprise, the perks of revealing it now rather than in the finale, and how everything is Donovan’s fault. Other topics include: Bartholomew’s terrifying existence, Sally’s place in John’s life, […]

111 “Rôti” Rewatch: He’s a Terrible Compass

111 collage10 SC

  Season 1 episode 11 of Hannibal, “Rôti,” features our favorite recurring characters, contains the most stunning and powerful hallucinatory sequences of the season, and explores identity and the consequences of caregiver abuse via the parallel tales of Abel Gideon and Will Graham. We discuss Chilton’s twitchy, kinetic behavior, penchant for fluid accents, and parallels to […]

505 “Room Service”: Is This Blood Organic and Non-GMO?


  Season 5 episode 5 of American Horror Story: Hotel, “Room Service,” was all about transformations. Liz Taylor is the Yoda to Iris’ Skywalker; we discuss the importance of Liz’s backstory and early encounter with The Countess, Invisible Woman syndrome, Iris’ awakening, and the evolution of the best friendship ever. We lament Alex’s determination to […]