202 “Sakizuke” Rewatch: Serial Killers Be Crazy, Amirite?

  Art is people and people are art in Season 2 episode 2 of Hannibal, “Sakizuke.” Our characters wrestle with preconceived notions of identity as they race to track down The Muralist. We discuss Hannibal’s potentially deliberate manipulation of Team Sassy Science, Will’s definitely deliberate manipulation of Alana and Hannibal, and Jack’s continued journey of self-reflection. […]

508 “The Ten Commandments Killer”: Comedy of Errors

  Season 5 episode 8 of American Horror Story: Hotel, “The Ten Commandments Killer,” revealed the show’s worst kept secret. We talk about our lack of surprise, the perks of revealing it now rather than in the finale, and how everything is Donovan’s fault. Other topics include: Bartholomew’s terrifying existence, Sally’s place in John’s life, […]